Paramedical  Tattoo

Scar Camouflage


I understand how important it is to regain your confidence after a traumatic experience.

Using microneedling and micropigmentation, I can camouflage scarring and skin irregularities from medical and elective surgeries, burn, skin graft , acne, stretchmarks and more. Microneedling can soften scars and help the body produce natural collagen to improve their overall appearance, while micropigmentation actually deposit pigment into the area, blending it with your natural skin tone so the scar is no longer noticeable! I will work with  you to ensure the best results in a compassionate and confidential environment.

Keep in mind that I'm not removing the imperfection but the procedure helps to conceal the area to make it  less noticeable. Sometimes it is a simple matter of choosing the correct neutralizing color to change the tone and freshen up the color. Often it is more intensive and can require several visits or even removal pigment to correct the existing situation. Fees are provided at the consultation on a per case basis

It is painful ?

Depending on the area, a topical anasthetic may be applied to lightly numb the area in order to make thetreatment comfortable. Most clients report that it is painless after anasthetic cream applied.


How long is the downtime?

This is a noninvasive procedure similar to a tattoo. Therefore, there is little to no downtime and most clients resume work same day. However, aftercare is extremely important.


What to expect after procedure?

Medical pigment camouflaging is an unpredictable process, therefore, color spot test is crucial. As with cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup, the final heled color may be different from when the pigment was initially applied. The area treated will be red,raised, and inflamed immediately after the procedure and may take a few days to subside but this is normal and to be expected.